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What Does NASCAR Stand For

Have you come across the acronym NASCAR frequently and wonder what does NASCAR stand for? Then this is exactly the place you want to be.
Bhakti Satalkar Aug 13, 2020

What Does the Acronym NASCAR Stand For?

Are you a car racing fan? If you are, then chances are very high that you have heard about NASCAR. Does that not ring a bell and you will wonder, what is this acronym stand for? Well NASCAR stands for "National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing".

NASCAR: Origin and History

NASCAR is actually the largest organization of automobile racing professionals in the United States. NASCAR is a family-owned and operated business venture, which governs and sanctions multiple auto racing sports events in the United States of America. 
This organization was started by Bill France Sr. in 1947 - 48 and the current CEO is Brian France, the grandson of the late Bill France Sr. There are three largest racing series, which are sanctioned by NASCAR, they include the Sprint Cup, the Nationwide Series and the Camping World Truck Series.
The headquarter of NASCAR is located in Daytona Beach, Florida, near the Daytona motor speedway, to be more precise. The offices of NASCAR are located in a number of cities in the United States. NASCAR also has its offices in Mexico City and Toronto.
NASCAR is known for holding 17 of the top 20 attended single day sporting events in the world. It broadcasts races in more than 150 countries around the world. Only the National Football League can boast of more viewers than NASCAR.

NASCAR: Duties and Responsibilities

NASCAR is an overseeing body and it sets rules and regulations for each car and raceway. There are some rules which are designed to take care of the safety of the drivers. Some of the rules include to check, harnesses and impact absorbing sidewalls of the racetracks, etc.
The other rules include limiting the top speed and modifications which can be made to the cars. This ensures that no team participating in the race has a significant technical advantage over the other teams.
NASCAR has set rules for suspension, engine modifications, tires and body weights, due to which the driver skill has a significant role to play in determining the winner of the race.
There are many world wide famous names which are counted amongst the sponsors of NASCAR. Let's see who were the NASCAR sponsors in 2009. Bank of America is the official bank of NASCAR, whereas VISA is the official card sponsor. Duracell and Exide are the official battery sponsors.
NASCAR breakfast sponsor is Kellogg's. The official soft drink sponsor is Coca-Cola. There are many rivals who are official sponsors of NASCAR, examples include Toyota, Chevrolet (Impala) and Dodge. Tylenol is the official pain reliever of NASCAR.
If you want to watch the races, you have to tune into Turner Sports Interactive, which is a division of Time Warner. It has the interactive rights of NASCAR and also the rights to the site nascar.com.

Other Meanings of the Acronym NASCAR

Apart from "National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing", let's see what else does NASCAR mean. NASCAR also stands for:
  • Non-Athletic Sport that Centers Around Rednecks
  • National Association For Stock Car Automobile Racing
  • North American Speed Car Association Of Racing
  • National Automobile Sports Car Association Of Racing
With all the other meanings associated with NASCAR, if you ask a racing enthusiast, what does NASCAR mean, he will always answer "National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing".