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Tips for Beginners to Play Fantasy Football Like a Pro

Anup Patwardhan Aug 11, 2020
Fantasy football involves participants drafting an imaginary roster to make up a team. Points are scored according to the performances of players. Here are a few markers for beginners on how to play fantasy football really well.

Do You Know...

Betting on fantasy sports is legal, as it is a reflection on the knowledge a participant has about the particular sport. It is considered to be a game of skill, and not gambling.
Fantasy football fulfills a dream of every football fan of becoming a 'General Manager' of a football team, albeit, virtually. You can draft players of your dream team and have the team compete with other such teams. There are various ways in which the teams are pitted against each other.
They can be up against each other in head-to-head leagues, total points leagues, keeper leagues, dynasty leagues, and salary cap leagues, among others. Head-to-head and total points leagues are famous ones that are preferred by many fantasy football players.
Now, it may be due to the constant badgering of peers or plain and simple curiosity, you finally enter into the world of fantasy football. It is bound to take a while to get a hang of the way in which the system functions.
It will take some time for you to learn how to play like a pro. Until this happens, the outcome of you fantasy league will be―putting it modestly―terrible. To avoid going down this path, here are some useful tips for all you beginners.

1) The Experts' Opinion

Know what the experts have to say about the players. They have a view of the game from close quarters. They also keep a track of various developments during the off-season. They have a know-how of the details that don't make its way to the tabloid columns.
In simple words, they are paid to do what you follow as a hobby. Also, a professional insight will always be helpful.
2) Don't Drink and Draft
Alcohol, besides allowing you to make a public spectacle of yourself, will severely impediment your judgment, analytical, and reasoning skills. Remember, you have to pick your team at the drafts. You are after all the fantasy manager of your fantasy team.

3) No Favoritism

Avoid making team choices based on personal preferences. This will mar your ability to take decisions that are in the best interest of your team.
When a team is made with players of just favorites, it may be a team that may be best suited to your taste, but that will not necessarily translate into a team that will be best suited to win the fantasy league title.
4) Maintain Team Composition
Make the draft picks such that they are able to complete the entire team roster. This will help in maintaining the balance of the team. This will also help a long way in keeping a stable composition of the side. Avoid having a team with preferred players and backups having same bye-weeks.
5) Judicious Choices
Give preference to the quarterback (QB) of the team at the drafts. The choices for defense and kickers can follow in on the heels of this choice. The players on your roster will be your best shot at claiming your league title. This demands choosing players on your roster judiciously.
6) The Starting Lineup
It will be your decision to choose the starting lineup. Take calculated risks when deciding who gets to play on your team and who gets to warm the benches.
Also, be sure to have knowledge of the time up to which changes in a starting lineup can be made before the start of game.
7) Ratings
Follow how well a player does or does not perform. Keep a track of performances and stay updated with the latest form of the players. This will help you in deciding the starting lineup along with the changes that need to be made on the roster.
8) Trade Players
If a player is not performing well, there is always an option to trade him.
When trading, prefer a player with a better display of performance than your player. For this, you will have to keep a track of players, not just from your team, but the ones who have been performing well all through the season. This way, you can improve and strengthen the position of your team.

9) Tread with Caution

Make trades whenever you deem them to be necessary. But, do not make trades in panic. Just a bad game or two is not reason enough to trade a player. Such games are not an indicator of loss of form of the player in question. So, remember to trade, but just not in haste.
10) All for One
The performance of your team is dependent on the performance of each and every individual player.
Performance by only some of the players on your roster will not be good enough to win you the title. Be sure to have players on your roster who are performing well and consistently.
Know how the scoring system works in your league.
11) Know the System
This will help you in getting a complete idea of the status of your team and the progress it needs to make. This will also come in handy when changing the composition of your team.
Manage your team every week. This way, you can make any alterations in the team and your strategy if and when necessary.
12) Manage Every Week
Keep players on the team who are supposed to be playing in the week, and give others players a rest. This will avoid stagnation in the ratings of your team.
Knowing how to play fantasy football will help you in not only being a part of an interesting conversation among peers, but also allow you to participate actively in a game you so dearly love.
This is a great way of staying in touch with your existent social circle, along with having an opportunity to expand it. Besides, you end up having in-depth knowledge about the game, and always stay in the loop with the latest developments.