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Sports Knee Braces

Fatima Rangwala Aug 17, 2020
Sports knee braces are braces that are worn around the knee area to support a variety of knee conditions and problems, in case of suffered injuries or re-injuries. So are these braces supportive and effective? Do they really work? To find out all these answers, walk through this story.
When it comes to outdoor sports, most games are rough and vigorous in nature, and require a lot of activeness from a player. In such a case, the most obvious perception that we humans would observe is strain on the entire body, particularly the knees.
For a player who is playing sports like football, squash, basketball, tennis, etc, requires high endurance and stamina to move around the playing area.
In this case, if there is heavy exertion on your entire body, one of the main concerned areas of impact are your knees. The knees are most likely to face the rigorousness of the game, thus causing severe injuries. If the knees are prone to injuries, this can have an adverse effect on one's life.
A person can face a long-term disability and permanent immobility in both sports and casual life. Hence, to avoid such problems, many athletes and runners wear sports braces around their knees at the time of competitions and workouts.
Sometimes, it's not only at the time of sports activities these braces are worn, but after severe surgeries or knee injuries also, people wear them so that their knees get full protection and there is controlling of movement from any further damage.
Athletes and ordinary people who have utilized sports knee pads for a normal and functional knee movement have expressed that these braces simply provide stability to the unsteady knees.
Running becomes easier and smoother, in turn resulting in high endurance and sustainability whilst performing any activity. However, many also hold an opinion that knee pads are unfit to wear and these items actually affect the performance of a player in a game. Now is this statement true? Well, we have an entire story essayed here to discuss the same.

What are Sports Knee Braces?

It's simple. They are braces  pads that one wears around the knee in case of an injured knee, pain in the knee or pre-hand protection against the knee. The term sports in the knee braces doesn't solely mean that these braces are just worth wearing during a sports activity, but as aforementioned, they can be worn in any condition regarding the knees.
The knee support braces are medically approved and specifically designed braces, mostly made of materials like plastic, metal, foam, elastic, etc. Along with these specifications, these braces are available in many forms, sizes, shapes, designs and colors. So you have a wide variety to choose from and suit yourself desirably.
Moreover, speaking of the knee braces, these particulars are obtainable in four main categories: functional, prophylactic, offloader / unloader and rehabilitative. Each of these have individual styles and multiple brands to provide specific support and backing to the knees.

Do Sports Knee Braces Really Work?

Well, honestly, there are variable answers to this question. On one hand, people find that there are prevailing benefits of wearing them for sports injury prevention and other knee problems like arthritis, knee bursitis or ligament tears.
Whereas, on reflection, people have a say that knee braces are hardly of any use and do not make much of a difference to the already terrible conditions of one's knees. In fact, these particulars increase the risk of injuries and worsen one's condition all the more.
Manufacturing companies who are making these braces are attempting to produce these items at its best working conditions. These braces have proven effective at least in the laboratory tests, and perhaps, work best in many conditions.
Generally, the rehabilitative, unloader and functional braces have proven their efficiency by helping people move their knee areas efficaciously. The ones who have tried them experienced the effects of these braces support to the fact that they really are functional and work at its best.
However, many reviews says that these knee pads are one of the main cause players and athletes are unable to perform at their game. It's mainly because the agility and speed of the player drops down significantly.
Nevertheless, this debate on whether the sports knee braces are good or unfavorable will always continue and also differ from person to person and their existing knee conditions.
Even so, despite the differences, doctors are continuing to learn about the benefits of knee braces through which they can bring forth a rational explanation as to why people must use these braces when needed.