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Shot Put Techniques

Shot put is an ancient sport and is also a part of the Olympic Games. In this story, we shall discuss the different techniques used to put. Have a look...
Charlie S Aug 18, 2020
While playing shot put, you are supposed to throw a heavy ball made of metal as far as you can. While doing so, one has to follow certain rules and regulations, just like any other game. So, before we learn more about the correct techniques of putting, let us first get acquainted with the basic rules of shot put.

Basic Shot Put Rules

The metal ball which is to be thrown in this game is known as the 'shot'. Shots are available in different sizes and weights, and are generally made from brass or iron. In a competition, the weight of the shot being used will entirely depend on the age of the participants.
The player has to push (throw/put) the ball into the air so as to make it land as far away as possible. Understanding how the shot should be held before throwing it is very essential. The shot is held between the neck and the shoulder. It has to be thrown from a marked circle in such a way that it will lie in the sector which is measured at 30 - 40 degrees.
The player has to use his energy to the fullest and throw the shot as far as he can. Then, the distance is accurately measured from the circumference of the circle from where the shot is thrown, till the point of first impact.

Basic Techniques Used

Shot put is a game which requires a lot of strength. Due to this, regular workouts and strength training is a must. One must go through a warmup session before putting. The warmup session can include exercises such as skipping, running, and stretching, which would help loosen the muscles of the body, and get prepared for the strenuous activity ahead.
In the glide technique, you need to place the shot on the base of his fingers. The shot needs to be positioned firmly near your neck. The angle made between your arm in which the shot is held and the ground should be forty-five degrees. Stand at the point which is farthest from the pita, and then kick a leg towards the throwing region.
The challenge is to move very fast across the marked circle with minimum air resistance. Now, throw the shot as far as possible. The hips should get twisted towards the front. This technique originated decades ago, and is among the most popular ones used today.
The rotational or spin technique is an advanced technique that is employed, and is generally attempted by experts in the game. In this technique, place the leading leg at the middle of the ring. The other leg should swing and rotate the body, and when it is planted, the other leg repeats the same procedure.
After this, throw the shot. though this is the advanced and more commonly used technique, it is actually pretty simple to do.
From these two basic techniques, you need to choose the one that you are more comfortable with, and which gives you better results. After that, practice is the key toward perfection.