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Pool Table Sizes

Omkar Phatak Mar 10, 2020
Pool is a game that cannot be enjoyed without a table in place. In this story, we specify its precise dimensions and other specifications.
Pool is a game from the family of cue sports, which includes billiards and snooker. If you are planning to set up your very own pool game room, then it is essential that you check out the standard table sizes. It will let you decide how much playing space to leave, around the table.

Size Requirements

Pool tables are six-pocketed and come in many varying sizes and dimensions. However, a size regulation rule demands that the table length be twice the width of table. Be it any size, this requirement is always satisfied. Another constant parameter is the height.
Although, the length and width may vary, the table height, set by the World Pool Billiard Association (WPA), remains the same and is set to be in the range of 29 ½ inches to 31 inches.
This height is set, after considering the ideal height at which, playing would be comfortable. According to the kind of space, that is available, pool tables of varying sizes can be set up. Here are the sizes for different setups.

Tournament Size Tables

If you plan to have competitive tournaments on your pool table, then it is important that the size confirms with the standards set by the World Pool Billiard Association (WPA). The dimensions of a tournament size table are 9 feet x 4½ feet. The actual playing area on these tables is 100 inch x 50 inch.
Some WPA tournaments also employ an 8 feet x 4 feet table, which has a playing area of 92 inches x 46 inches. You could either opt for the 9 feet or 8 feet long table, depending on your size considerations. Setting up tournament size tables ensures that the players get fair play and become adept at playing the game at an international level.

Tables For Homes

Home pool tables are also 8 foot size generally, but commercially available tables may have slightly different sizes. Mostly, they are 8 ½ feet x 4 ¼ feet long. Make sure that you have adequate space for an 8 foot size table, if you are planning to set up a game room at home.

Bar Pool Table

Generally, bar pool table dimensions are smaller than tournament table sizes. You may find a table measuring 7 feet x 3 ½ feet in many bars and public pool game rooms. Of course, some bars might have tournament size tables too, if they have a regular clientele of seasoned players.
Some of the other dimensional specifications for tables of various sizes are those about rails, cushions, cloth color, and material. The rail width of every one of the standard tournament size pool tables, including the cushions, should be 4 inches to 7 ½ inches, at the most.
The color of the cloth covering the pool table should be electric blue, blue green, or yellow green. It is preferred by the WPA, that the pool cloth material be 100% combed and worsted type of wool. However, commercial table cloth surfaces may be made up of 15% nylon and 85% wool.

Table Size Against Room Size

Last but not the least, as a thumb rule, considering that you are using a standard cue of length around 58 inches, the room size, commensurate with the standard sizes, must be ten feet more than the table dimensions.
That means, if you are using a tournament size pool table (9 feet x 4 ½ feet), then the room dimensions should be at least 19 feet x 14 ½ feet or more. This ensures that you get adequate and comfortable playing space around the table.
Spending time in carefully planning, will see to it that there are no setup problems in the future, enabling you to enjoy playing pool thoroughly.