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Ninja Training Camps: An Overview

Prashant Magar Sep 19, 2020
A ninja warrior is an unorthodox fighter trained in the very complicated art of war, referred to as 'Ninjutsu' or 'art of stealth'. The art, which is believed to have originated in Japan, is characterized by extremely skillful and dangerous moves.
Ninja training camps and ancient ninja training was developed to support and serve the interests of local feudal lords in Japan, called daimyo or shogun.
Ancient citations and historical stories from the past have several instances where ninja training and ninja warriors have been mentioned quite vividly. The training involved fighting and defense lessons, espionage or spying skills, reconnaissance and distortion of senses or illusion lessons.
The art of ninjas has gained worldwide popularity. Specially, self defense, combat, and weapon handling tactics of a ninja warrior are swift, unconventional, and very effective, hence, learned by many. Even in the US, this fighting art had made a deep impact, and there are myriad ninja training camps located all over the country.

A Perspective of Ninja Training Camps

The duty of a ninja warrior, was essentially dedicated to the combat and tactical requirements of the state or a ruler. Although there are many versions of a ninja training program throughout the world, there are a few integral components of these sessions. The training is intense, challenging, and requires great dedication to achieve mastery in the art.
A typical camp consists of rigorous training plans formulated over a flexible time period. A trainee is put under a regime of his choice, depending on the skill level desired to be attained or the degree of difficulty of the course. Most of the camps also include additional activities like rock climbing, spiritual training, and personality development.
Many schools boast of a lively and flexible training program, which suits both male and female enthusiasts. These camps acquire the services of some of the finest people, who have mastered the art to train and guide their students.
A basic training set involves protection and defense training, preparing you for any eventuality. This includes the knowledge and skillful use of weapons like guns, knives, sticks, and bare hand street fights. It not only teaches you to handle extreme situations and pain, but also how to inflict the same on a potential enemy.
A ninja warrior goes through very different training than other schools of similar origin, like the samurai warrior training.
The art of Ninjutsu always ingrained some of the finer aspects of combat as required in a hand-to-hand fight. These were required for sabotaging, espionage, assassinating, and capturing expeditions. Thus, the training of a Ninja was more specific to the requirements of his fight duties, which is reflected in the modern training camps that exist today.
A ninja warrior will focus on 'blind spots' or trick the opponent into an illusion of self, by rapid movements. Weapons training is an integral feature, and involves the use of claws, ropes with knives, chains, and such unconventional weapons. The logic was to use portable, light in weight, and easily hidden tools.
An ideal ninja training camp will hold more fight-oriented sessions. In this, the stance and the battle positions are of less significance, and considered to be irrational by a fighter. Training focuses on learning only those stances which help in the execution of the moves.
Ninjutsu are oriented towards handling threatening situations and more practical conflicts. Learning this skill is a matter of being bravehearted and extremely focused in your approach.