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How to Win at Arm Wrestling

Medha Godbole Aug 7, 2020
Getting the 'grip' of arm wrestling is crucial for those who indulge in it day in day out. Apart from that, it could be fun to know about that, just in case, otherwise also, what say! Hang on for gripping details...
It is all in your mind fellas, the strength of an individual is not in his or her biceps, but what is above your shoulders. Most importantly, it is how you make use of that mettle. I mean, this is not to deny that you do not need strength at all! Of course, you need that. But brute force without gray matter is futile.
That applies to street fighting, martial arts, or even arm wrestling. Otherwise, what is the justification for David defeating Goliath? Now having mentioned arm wrestling, yes, you need to have good muscles for that, but you also need to know how and when to use the power, which comes from your mind and training.

What it Takes to Win at Arm Wrestling

Your arm strength, grip, technique, and mind games are the basics of succeeding at arm wrestling.

The Grip

Obviously, the grip is instrumental in determining how well you 'grip' the tussle. So, we first take stock of the grip. Your thumbs have to be entwined in an attempt to get the advantage of power. Fingers should cradle the other hand as much as possible, particularly around the wrist.
This gives you the optimum chance to torque your opponent's wrist in your direction. That lends you the best possible leverage to push your opponent's fist down towards the table. To improve your grip, one of the effective ways is using a hand gripper.

The Thumb

This also is actually a part of the grip, but we will check it out separately. Wrapping the thumb properly, even though it is a simple thing, can help you generate a lot of power.
To do this, you will have to wrap your hand in way you would wrap it to punch someone. Move your thumb under your fingers, rather than having the thumb on the outside. Make sure you see only the knuckles behind the fingers.

Training and Correct Use of Muscles

Training your upper body and core muscles, primarily the shoulders, upper back, and pelvic and biceps is a must. Just as core exercises are vital, knowing the proper use of the strength of these muscles is equally significant.
For instance, use your whole body, particularly your back and shoulders to pull the arm of the opponent towards you. This is because, only the biceps in itself is not too powerful a muscle, and it needs a leverage.
Last, but not the least, your stance too has to be right, with the right foot in front of the left one. Have the foot placed as far against the opponent as you can.

Quick Tips

  • Keeping your wrist straight is instrumental for winning the match.
  • Go through some specific arm wrestling techniques like hook, press, and the like.
  • Focus totally and undaunted on yourself and the opponent.
  • The more stable and secure your body will be, the better chances you will have of winning.
Indulge in as many arm wrestling encounters as you can. It all gets over, in most cases, in a matter of a few seconds. So from the word go, hold nothing back, and give it your best shot.