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How to Organize a Golf Tournament?

Tulika Nair Aug 6, 2020
So, your club has given you the responsibility of organizing the annual golf tournament but you have no idea as to how to go about it. Well, in this story, we tell you everything that you would want to know about planning such a tournament.
Golf is one of those social sports that is perfect to get people of all ages together. Sure it is not a sport for everyone and not every individual enjoys the game but it can be the perfect sport to play for charity events. But the question remains, how do you organize such a tournament? In this story, we give you all the information that you may need.
You need to first establish the goals that you have to set for yourself. Ideally you need to start planning the tournament at least eight to nine months before the actual event. You will need to make estimates for how much money you intend on raising. You will also need to contact sponsors, estimate your budget, etc.

Planning a Golfing Event

As mentioned before, there are many minute and larger details that you will need to pay attention to. To ensure that the golf tournament you are organizing is not lackluster in any way, just keep the following tips in mind
  • Decide what the size of the tournament is. By this we mean you need to decide on the scale on which the tournament is being organized. This will help you make other decisions like which golf course you should pick, what the suitable prizes would be, and more importantly what the format of the tournament should be.
  • Next, you need to decide what course the tournament should be played on. This will of course be determined by the skill of the players and the number of players playing. Ensure that you make a shortlist of several courses before finalizing one.
  • The next decision to make is the format for the tournament. You will again base this decision on the number of players you have and the quality of their play. The different formats that you can use include match play, best ball, alternate shot, scramble, etc.
  • It is important for you to understand the budget that you have. This will have a huge impact on the golf course that you pick, the prizes you decide on, the refreshments, and also the time period.
  • Your budget will be in a huge way affected by the time of the year during which you want to hold the tournament. Weekdays are less expensive than weekends. Also seasons like winter and fall are generally off months and it may be a good idea to hold your tournament during these months.
  • It is extremely important for you to plan way ahead. The earlier you plan, the more money you will save and this can be important, especially if you are organizing a tournament for a charity event. You will also need to get the prizes for the tournament, depending on whether it is a competitive tournament or a fun one, or even a charity one.
  • One important detail that you will need to decide on once you are closer to the actual date of the tournament is to confirm the tee times. Confirm this with the golf course and inform all the players about their tee times.
  • You also need to suitably advertise the tournament, especially if you are trying to raise money for a cause.
Follow these tips and you should have no problems planning your golfing event.