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How to Fix a Golf Slice

Suketu Mehta Aug 20, 2020
A very common plight is the slice. However, certain small alterations in your stance and grip, mentioned in this story, can help you fix golf slice troubles.
It is believed that around 80 - 85% of amateur golfers seek advise to fix the slice. Seeing the ball go into the woods or the lake after you strike, does leave you with a very disheartening feeling.
This happens because, instead of striking the ball, you slice it up in the air and the ball takes a curve, landing not where you intended it to. A few minor adjustments in your stance and grip can help fix golf slice issues.

Fixing Your Style

To start with, pick your club, the one you slice most with, along with a bucket full of rented golf balls, and head for the driving range. Before you start hitting the balls, do a few stretches and warmup exercises to loosen up your muscles. It is better to keep a flag as your target as it will help you concentrate better, along with keeping an eye on the ball flight.
You must ensure your stance is proper before you try to swing. Normally, you need to keep a 2-feet distance between your body and the ball, and your legs have to be only a shoulder-width apart from each other. You tend to slice the ball a lot if you are standing far away from the ball, or the distance between your legs is too much or too little.
In case you are facing the problem of ball slicing very often, there could be a possibility of your grip being faulty. You will have to adjust it. The right grip position is, when you interlock the index finger of your top hand with the little finger of your bottom hand. Turn your top hand a little bit on the inside, to have a better square up on your club face when you strike the ball.
The next important aspect you need to look into is your swing. It is important that you pay attention to the manner in which you release your club or end your swing. An improper release can also be a reason for your ball to slice up. When your bottom wrist is crossed over your top wrist, it is the perfect ending of your swing.
To get the correct swing, initially practice by keeping a 3-inch gap between both your hands. By doing this, you will be able to release your shot properly with ease. After a few shots with the wide grip, get back to your original grip and try to release your swing in a similar manner.
Another minor but important point you need to keep in mind, is that you should keep your head down. You tend to slice the ball if you bring your head up very fast, because your shoulders also open up along with your head. Until you release your swing, it is important to keep your head down and steady, so that your shoulders stay closed.
In case you just cannot get out of slicing the ball, and have tried every possible trick in the book but to no avail, be smart and use it to your advantage. To do this, you must take your stance in the direction opposite to where you slice the ball.
Like, if you know you will slice the ball to the left, point your stance towards the right of the pin. This will make sure that in spite of the slice, the ball goes in the direction you intend it to go.

Fixing Golf Slice Driver

Your stance is perfect, swing immaculate, head and shoulders in perfect position, but the ball still slices up. The reason could be your driver. Some tips to fine-tune your driver which could help fix a golf slice are listed as under:
  • Apply a lead tape on the heel of your club, so that it becomes heavy, and it is easier to close the club-face when you strike the ball.
  • Using a shorter shaft can also help you gain better control over your shots.
  • Holding a thinner grip enables your hands to rotate easily when you strike the ball.
  • Buy a club with an offset head, which is particularly designed to counter slices.
Trying out the suggestions mentioned above should help you fix the problem. It will require some time and patience before you see an improvement. If the problem still persists, taking professional help is not a bad option.