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How to Drift on a Go Kart?

Foram Mehta Aug 18, 2020
Drifting on a go kart is an act of skill, strength, aggressiveness, composure and style. Read more, for tips and steps on how can you drift your go kart the right way.
Go karting is one of the most popular motor-racing sports, and it takes you on a different 'high'. It is practiced throughout the world by several enthusiasts. Go karting is one sport which can make you feel like a F1 racer and gives you the opportunity to compete with your loved one's and experts too.

Go Karting Vs. Driving a Car

Driving a car and driving a go kart is not a similar act. But, yes! If you drive a car you will find it easier to understand and control the kart as the instincts, discipline and the techniques used in driving a car are more or less the same. But the tracks, turns, overtaking and the posture you need to maintain in go karting are going to be very different.
Simply driving a go kart is going to be easy, as we all race and rush with our cars to reach our respective work places, on time. Though, go karting is all about racing, competing and drifting.
You could be playing the sport of go karting with an aim of becoming a professional go-karter or it could also be your fun way of spending weekends. The key to becoming a master of go karting lies in mastering the act of drifting the kart with ease and style. The thrill of go karting lies in the act of drifting your kart. Being able to drift your kart is something that inculcates in you after a lot of practice. Also it requires a good amount of physical strength and a sharp mind.

How to Drift a Go Kart?

Every go karting track has that one tricky turn, which can slip you out. That's where the actual thrill of drifting can be felt and, that is where you should aim to drift on. However, you can drift when you are approaching any of the turns on the track. We will now jolt down a few steps you could use, to drift your kart.
Drive in the Right Racing Line: When you want to drift your kart, which line you are driving on makes a lot of difference. To be able to drift at the right time and the right way, you need to drive on the exterior lane of the track keeping your kart straight.
Posture: You need to lean backwards when you are driving a go kart. This posture will make you firm in kart, giving you a better grip to handle the gas, break and the steering, efficiently and comfortably.
Lean on the Opposite Side: Then once you approach the corner move away from the turn at a good speed. While you are doing this you need to lean on the opposite direction. This means that if you are turning right you will lean on the left and vice versa.
Brakes & Accelerator: Now, before you actually go in the opposite direction make a sudden and strong move, back towards the turn. You do this by first applying the brakes softly and then releasing them and accelerating in the direction, following the track.
Pointing Your Wheels: Once you are done drifting, you need to make sure that your wheels are pointed towards the direction the track is flowing and keep going.
Once you have mastered drifting you can also block others from overtaking by drifting.

Few Tips on Go Karting

  • If you want to increase the slide of drifting, first hit the accelerator and then hit the brakes. But, try this once you have gained some practice, so that you will be able to control your kart even if you lose the direction.
  • Don't move too slow on the track as then you will not be able to drift. In fact, you will end up taking a normal turn. Also don't move too fast on the track as this can spin your kart out. Maintain a speed you can control.
  • Lean back with a straight posture on your seat; it gives more traction to your back wheels. So you will have to maintain that position, throughout.
  • When you are in race you might have people who drive the kart better than and overtake you. But, don't get intimidated by them and focus on your line and keep going ahead.
  • When you are driving a Kart and you are about to drift, you will be in a state of 'controlled chaos', but the fun is when you don't lose your calm. If you panic you bound to lose control.
For those who have go karted before and have tried to drift their Karts the above mentioned steps and tips will help you in understanding what went wrong last time. If you have never go karted before this might sound ambiguous. But, keep these points in mind and just try it when you go, go karting. It will help.
You need to know these steps & tips because when you are on the track you will have absolutely no time to think, plan and make a strategy.
I myself, took a 360°, got overtaken and stood last in the race, when I was go karting, once!
WARNING: Always wear a helmet while go karting!