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Double Dutch Jump Rope

Aarti R Aug 11, 2020
Double Dutch is a game that is played by skipping with two jump ropes. To know about the history of the game and how to play it, read ahead...
In the game of Double Dutch, two jump ropes are held at two ends, and one or multiple players jump over the two ropes. This game requires a lot of concentration, coordination and quick response, along with good eye perception. Before going into the basics of playing the game, let us take a look at its history and origin.

History of Double Dutch

The jump ropes are said to have origins in the Chinese, Egyptian and Phoenician rope-makers. These people used to make ropes with hemp, and for this, they developed a technique min which a bunch of hemp was tied to their waist, and two strands of this hemp were attached to a wheel.
The rope-makers walk backward, and at the same time, hemp was supplied by the runners to the rope-makers. These runners have to jump the twisted rope. The basic requirements for becoming a good runner in spinning the hemp were that, the runner must have good footwork, and should not be too bug made.
But how did the game get its name? It is said that Dutch settlers on the banks of the Hudson river, brought this game to America. When the English arrived, they saw the children of these Dutch people playing this game, and named it Double Dutch.
This game became very popular since then. The National Double Dutch League hosts a tournament of this game every year, and teams from all over the world participate in this tournament.

How to Play Double Dutch

Now, let's take a look at the way in which you can play this game.
Select the rope spinners and jumpers among yourselves. In order to play the game, two jump ropes are required. The spinners are supposed to hold the rope at two ends, and stand facing each other.
They must hold the two ends of the jump rope properly with a grip. The two ends of the rope must be held one in each hand, and must be held waist-high and shoulder-length apart.
The next step is to turn the rope in a inward direction. The right forearm must move counter-clockwise, and the left hand must move clockwise. Both the spinners must follow the same pattern of spinning, and must spin the rope in the same way.
The rhythm of the rope is controlled by counting one, two, and so on.

The jumpers must stand close to one of the spinners, but he must face the other spinner. While jumping, they must keep their feet and ankles close together.
This is one of the acrobatic sports performed by gymnasts. Also, this sport is played for fitness by many youngsters. Double Dutch competitions are categorized in three types―free style, compulsory, and speed rope. Apart from this, it is a great afternoon pastime for children during their vacations. In schools, Double Dutch is a favorite game for kids, who love a little challenge in their playtime.