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Cheerleading Cheers with Motions

A perfect cheerleader is one who does her cheerleading cheers with motions in sync. To make the cheerleading act successful she should have the perfect timing so that her act gels with music and moves.
A cheerleader is like an elastic, their flexible, they stretch and spring, they get snapped into the air, they do hair, but with too much stress they can break..........cheer hard, love life. Author Sara, Alberta.
Originated in the United States of America, cheerleading is a type of dance routine that is performed at big and international sports events. Cheerleading is performed by a group of dancers most of them are females while in some cases men are also seen. The main aim of cheerleading is to motivate and cheer the athletes on the field.
Cheerleading is also sometimes used to remove the boredom from the game and get the audience geared up to support their team. In recent times it has been given a rank of a professional sport which is a combination of glittery dresses and lots of cheers with motions.
Good sounding cheerleading moves with motions make a good cheerleader. Whether you've just entered the world of cheerleading or you are veteran in the world of cheerleading, never and I mean never forget the basics. An athlete who has a good basic foundation makes a good cheerleader.

Cheerleading Moves

Many budding cheerleaders get confused while performing jumps and motions. Now to clear this doubt out the best thing to do is to go the right teacher. Make sure your cheerleading coach has experience in the field of cheerleading has participated in international games.
Cheerleading stunts and jumps are the most important part of the cheerleader's act. It should look graceful and effortless.
Many of the dangerous cheerleading moves are performed by making a human pyramid. The human pyramid consists of few bases and a flyer. The flyer is a cheerleader who possesses excellent flexibility, balance and speed. Make sure you always practice your cheerleading moves and motions under a guidance of a teacher.

Cheers, Chants and Motions

Learning effective cheerleading chants with motions and good moves is a complete pack for the squad. Sometimes it gets very difficult to get the right motion with the perfect cheer and to know which chant to use. Now let's have a look at cheers, chants and motions.


Cheerleading cheers with motions are like exclamation points, they draw attention for a big scorer on a team. For instance a player of the Mighty Eagles team just scored.
We're fired up
We're sizzlin
We can't be stopped
Come on Mighty Eagles
And take it to the top
Noticed this cheer, it not only signifies the player but the entire team to play well and also fills excitement in the audience.


Considered as a powerful tool, sometimes a right chant changes the whole course of the game. Remember chants have been used by armies and many animal right activists. Cheerleading cheers and chants go hand in hand. sometimes chants are used to get the fans fired up and also evoke the feeling of patriotism for their country and team.
If you want to shout a good chant you have to be committed. For an effective chant you have to be focused and full of energy so that the audience gets pepped up and has no option but to join you.


Motions and chants work simultaneously. They are both designed to keep people in support of their favorite team. Motions require moves that are sharp and crisp. While performing motions the only place you should bend are your shoulders and elbows.
Wrists should always be locked like blades on the end of your arms. Keep your shoulders down and make sure your torso is straight. Make sure you move your arms in the shortest distance from pose to pose.
I hope this story on cheerleading cheers with motions has proved useful to you. In the end it's up to the cheerleaders how they put cheerleading cheers, chants and motions to execute a great squad. To discover some new cheerleading moves you can search the Internet or even use your own ideas.