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How to Play Bumper Pool

Rahul Thadani Mar 13, 2020
This Story will tell you all there is to know about bumper pool. This is an interesting game that involves pocketing balls with cue sticks on a table, and its simplicity makes it fun to play.
Lovers of billiards, snooker, and pool now have a new game known simply as Bumper Pool to indulge in. The game is similar to, yet vastly different from, regular pool.
The biggest difference is the presence of only 2 pockets on the table, compared to the 6 pockets that are present on conventional pool tables. The other differentiating factor is the presence of cushions, or bumpers, in the middle of the table.

The Balls and Table

As mentioned before, there are only 2 pockets. These pockets are situated on opposite ends of the table (the smaller sides of the rectangle-shaped table), and they are located at the center of these sides. There are 12 cushions on the table. Each pocket has one cushion on either side, and the remaining 8 cushions are spread out in the middle of the table in various patterns.
The table itself is smaller than the regular pool table, and is generally shaped like a rectangle. Some tables are octagonal in shape as well. The bumpers in the middle of the table are shaped like a cross, or as a diamond. The space between them is just about enough to let a ball pass through.
There are 10 balls on the table. 5 of them are red, and 5 of them white, and each player gets allotted one specific color. Thus the game pans out as red versus white, and the objective is to pot all 5 balls into the opposite pocket before the opponent.

How to Play Bumper Pool

In order to start the game, both players line up their balls. One of these balls, for both the sides will have a dot on it, and both players must hit the dotted ball at the same time. The objective is to put it into the opposite pocket by banking it off the side railing.
The player who pots the ball in the pocket gets to start. If both players missed the shot, the player whose ball is closer to the pocket starts the game. Now each player will take turns to shoot, and whoever can pocket all his balls first will win the game.
The game requires skill with a cue stick, and it is more than just blindly hitting the balls around. One can also hit an opponents ball if it is too close to the pocket. Thus the best players combine attack and defense in order to win a game. There is no time limit, the player who pockets one ball gets another shot, till he misses. If a player knocks a ball out of the table, the opponent can place that ball anywhere he wants to or he can remove 2 of his balls from the table.
Bumper pool is an immensely enjoyable game, and it was created because some people felt that pool and snooker were games that required lots of space. These constraints do not exist here, as the table and the cue sticks are considerably smaller. Hence people can play the game inside their homes. Moreover, the many rules and regulations of billiards, snooker, and pool are avoided in this game, making it simpler to play.
Bumper pool is one of the most enjoyable games that you can play with your friends and family members, and it can keep you entertained for hours. You can even design your own tables and carve them out in any shape that you deem fit.