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Boxing Workouts for Women

Pragya T Aug 21, 2020
Know more about boxing workouts for women, and their various benefits in the following write-up.
High intensity boxing workouts are becoming very popular, thanks to growing awareness about fitness and the need to achieve an attractive body shape.

Boxing Workouts for Women

There are three ways in which you can start boxing workouts for beginners. The first and safest, is to join a boxing gym, which has boxing classes especially designed for women. Your workout will be monitored by professionals, and you will avoid any unnecessary injuries.
The second method is that, you can set up a punching bag in a room, and hire an instructor to train you at home. The third is to buy a good home video, and follow the instructions for the exercises described in the video. Whichever one of these methods you choose, follow these boxing workouts, regularly, to achieve an extremely fit body.
Before, you start a boxing workout, a warm-up is essential. Go for a running and/or jogging session of 20 minutes. Also, include weight training in your workout. Jogging and weight training will strengthen your body for boxing routines. Start with some upper body moves like the right uppercut, left uppercut, right hook, left hook, left jab, and right cross.
Attempt some kick-boxing moves like kicks, side kicks, roundhouse kicks, rear kicks, and sidestep kicks. If you have any doubts about boxing at home, refer to home videos. After every boxing workout, finish off with a skipping session of about 7 minutes, and some stretching exercises. Then lie down on a mat for 10 minutes, and let the body cool off.
Avoid, drinking water when performing the workout. If you get very thirsty, sip a little water. You can keep a hand towel nearby, to wipe off the sweat. Wear light clothes, when working out. Boxing should be ideally done wearing a good pair of shorts. Protect your hands well with wraps for your knuckles.

What Makes Boxing an Excellent Workout?

Boxing is a combination of cardiovascular exercises and strength training. So, not only will you lose weight faster, but you will also tone your muscles simultaneously.
In the gym, your training is not restricted to the sport of boxing. The fitness regime includes other workouts like push-ups, jogging, weight training, etc. This is another reason that makes boxing a total body workout.
Regular workouts of your upper body, combined with kick boxing, will make you better at self-defense.
With today's lifestyle, everybody goes through some type of mental stress. Boxing will help alleviate this stress.
For boxing, you don't need to buy expensive fitness equipment. All you need is an experienced trainer and proper boxing equipment like a punching bag, good quality boxing gloves, and wraps for knuckles.
If you are combining upper body and kick-boxing workouts, you can also buy kick boxing equipment, which is pretty affordable.
If you are uncomfortable with boxing at a place where guys are present, there are classes especially designed for women, which you can join. These classes have experienced professionals, who train you.
Boxing is a high intensity, complete fitness workout. After you are attuned to a proper workout you will have a well-toned, strong and attractive body.
Well, now you know how you can get started on boxing workouts. So, initiate yourself into this workout, and enjoy the ultimate fitness routine.
DisclaimerAlways consult a physician before starting any physical fitness program in order to reduce the risk of injury.