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Basic Bowling Tips

Are you a beginner who wants to learn the basics of bowling? Assuming that you know the rules and the basic terminology, here are some tips for beginners and kids.
Bowling, a sport enjoyed by many, is popular in most parts of the USA. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, the more you play, the more you enjoy it. Here, we give you some tips and techniques which would help you to improve your game.

Tips for Beginners

As a beginner in bowling, you should concentrate not only on physical preparation, but also mental preparation. Both these aspects are necessary to master the game.
First and foremost, you need to be perfect with the straight ball, and try to be consistent with it. The straight ball may be difficult for some, but it gets easy with practice. If you can hook or curve the ball already, it is even better. A natural curve is of great advantage, so try to attempt it a lot. If you master this, you will be scoring spares sooner, compared to the other beginners.
The next important aspect is your delivery, and the number of steps you take in the approach. For this, you need to find out the best step approach suited for you. A four-step approach is usually recommended for beginners. It is best to find a delivery which is most comfortable. Make sure to adjust the delivery as per your overall height and stride length.
The release is an important aspect of your shot. It all depends on your release as to the position where the ball would end up. Remember that you should release the ball only when your arm has passed your left foot (if you are a right-handed person).
By releasing the ball in such a way, you can aim for the target pins better. Also, don't forget to follow-through after the release. It is crucial for better accuracy and ball speed.

Tips for Kids

Kids must wear comfortable bowling shoes and clothes. They should not wear tight clothes, as it will hamper their movement. Comfortable clothes ensure complete range of motion and flexibility required for a good game.
The next important thing is to find a ball which suits the child's style, ability, weight, strength, and skill. Kids should be encouraged to rehearse bowling motions with different balls of variable sizes and weights, and then settle for the best fit. If the finger holds are too loose or too tight, they may pose a problem.
The holes should be a snug fit, but not so tight that the ball doesn't leave during the release! Even though heavy balls are recommended, initially, they should use balls that are light in weight, as they are easier to handle. At a later stage, you can introduce heavier balls, once the kids develop their strength and skills.
It is recommended that you take your kids to the bowling alley when there aren't too many players, so that he can watch skilled bowlers perform, and take his time to learn the sport.
Kids should be taught to aim and focus on the arrows on the bowling lane, and not on the bowling pins. By aiming towards the arrows, the aim would be that much more accurate, as compared to aiming directly at the bowling pins. They can aim for the specific pins in time, as they get skillful.