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Baseball Field Maintenance

Medha Godbole Mar 12, 2020
Maintaining a baseball field is a very crucial aspect of this sport. In this write-up, we'll tell you everything that's related to maintaining it optimally.
The field in the national game of USA, that is baseball, is sometimes a forgotten entity at lower levels and for younger teams. The fact is that, it requires a bit more of maintenance than other sports. Especially when it comes to youngsters who have just started off, a well-kept ground will prevent those unexpected whacks on the nose.

Tools Used


A rake is a device used to smoothen the dirt over in the infield, pre and post a game.


This is used to cut the grass and keep it at a proper height. It is mandatory as per the baseball organization.


This is a device used to smoothen the artificial turf on the ground.

Fence Capping

These are mainly used when there are little league games having fences around the playing area. Any area where the fence is frayed or cut is to be covered by the fence cap.


These are used to give proper moisture to the grass on the field.


Tarps are tools to protect the field from getting wet and flooded on account of rain.

Maintaining the Field

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  • The first thing you need to do is to clear off the rocks and small sticks on the whole infield.
  • If required, add a layer of dirt covering the whole field. This dirt comprises sand, silt, and clay, allowing for traction, and at the same time making sure it is sufficiently soft for sliding.
  • Prepare a pitcher's area and mound, which is durable.
  • Have an infield totally without grass―an all dirt field. This is in case if you feel the amount of grass is going to be tough to maintain. Dragging the infield will be made easier by doing this.
  • Ensure that the area of the home plate and surrounding is built properly. Ideally, it should be built with a base of clay, and there should be 2 to 3 inches of heavy infield dirt.
  • Use the hardiest grass possible, which will suit the climate. If there are bare areas developed over an off-season sod, reseed the outfield areas.
  • Create a schedule for field maintenance for every game.
  • However, make sure that each person knows what is supposed to be done, and when it is supposed to be done.
  • Ensuring a proper chain of responsibility is essential.
  • The activities which need to be done on a weekly basis are watering, mowing, maintenance of the infield, including adding dirt as the season progresses, maintenance of the home plate area, and maintenance of the pitcher's area, and even rebuilding it if necessary.
  • There also has to be a short-term plan for times just before a game. Dragging a field before every game, setting bases, lining base paths, and raking base and home plate areas are the things which need to be done just before a game.